Viktoria Modesta, the bionic pop star exclusively for the opening ceremony of the 9th Abilympics, Thursday, March 24. Sign up


Viktoria is talking about her upcoming show in Bordeaux : “I’am excited to announce that on Thursday 24th of March i will be performing at the Opening Ceremony of 9th International Abilympics Competition and showcasing exclusive tracks from my upcoming release. The main competition event is taking place in Bordeaux on 25/26th of March look forward to seeing you all there !

  • Its really important to keep raising the standard of achievement within the existing community, to encourage people with physical or mental differences to set higher goals and expectations there is no reason not to. Also such public events  delivery a visibility to the mainstream media that help demystified current perception and create a new language in the media that is much more modern and normalised.
  • I am very humbled to be asked to perform at the opening event. I care deeply about rebranding what i feel is a misunderstood social issue. I hope with my music performance i can show another perception to having a different body and how with the aid of technology and fashion it no longer needs to be a forbidden subject or a negative subject and that the strength and beauty comes from our ideas and human spirit. I think its time people start being evaluated on their multiple qualities their intellect, talent, their care for other people and not just the physical body.. its time for the modern attitude of equality to be put to work.”


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