The highlights of the 9th International Abilympics


The competition area

In the competition area, skills from 5 general professional categories can be discovered (Food, ICT, Industry, Services, and Craft).
Around 10 “skills discovery” tours will be offered to visitors, with a new departure every hour.

The Abilympics in Bordeaux are also 2 days to discover:

  • artistic performances,
  • exhibitions,
  • international cultures,
  • masterpieces crafted by professional basket makers,
  • and of course the International Village!

… as well as the “skills discovery” tours!

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More than 600 champions in action!

Come support and cheer for champions from all around the world!

Many competing countries

The Abilympics represent around 35 international delegations coming from all 5 continents.

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Objective integration!

Promoting access to employment for persons with disabilities, an essential condition to their integration and autonomy.

Orientation, employment and training area

Meetings with professionals in order to promote access to employment and training for persons with disabilities

The 1st exhibition for Adapted Companies and Institutions and Service of Assistance through Employment

The occasion for families to discover various professional careers!

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To the ceremonies

The opening ceremony will begin on Thursday, March 24th 2016 at 20h00: an exceptional and spectacular event to mark the beginning of the 9th International Abilympics

The closing award ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 26th, and will be the occasion to celebrate the best Abilympics champions.


To fun activities for raising awareness

  • Disability simulation.
  • Heavy truck driving simulation.
  • Electrical network installer : first time in a 14m-high aerial lift with ERDF!
  • Introduction to motorcycle driving available to everyone.


To initiations to cultural and sports activities

Wheelchair dancing, wheelchair basketball, handi-boxing…

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.... With the "makers":

  • The Humanlab
  • A handicap Hackathon

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And for professionals visitors

Conferences and round tables

They will be organized all throughout the 2 days of the event on such themes as: employment policies for persons with disabilities, the professional excellence of companies in adapted and protected sectors, technological innovations, access to training… as well as a round-the-world look at methods of supporting persons with disabilities towards employment, punctuated with experiences and life stories that will amaze you!

The 1st exhibition for excellence in EAs and ESATs

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