Finding your way

Objective : integration !

Promoting access to employment for persons with disabilities, an essential condition of their integration and of their autonomy.

Meeting professionals to inform on and facilitate the integration of persons with disabilities.

Exhibition for excellence in Adapted Companies (EA) and in Institutions and Services of Assistance through Employment (ESAT)

Organized alongside the Abilympics, the international skills competition featuring persons with disabilities, the 1st exhibition for excellence in EAs and ESATs is a great showcase for the protected and adapted sector.

Located at the heart of the international competition, it will feature 40 exhibitors. Both professional and private visitors may assess the reality of the sector in France and measure its dynamism with the 1400 ESATs and 730 EAs employing 150.000 persons with disabilities on a national scale.


A great occasion for families to discover the various careers offered by the 40 exhibitors!

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