Open to everyone, the 9th International Abilympics offer a large area to explore, with many things to discover

The competition area and the skills

Various skills from 5 general categories can be discovered (Food, ICT, Industry, Service, Craft), as well as dedicated spaces for partner companies such as pharmaceutical companies, Crédit Agricole, ERDF… (a medicine production line, professions in adapted companies and Institutions and Service of Assistance through Employment (ESATs)).

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Artistic performances, exhibitions, international cultures

Artistic performances

Masterpieces crafted by professional basket makers

The French Touch is in Bordeaux!

One world champion motorcycle and a helicopter in the Industry area…

Talents coming from all around the world on the Bordeaux stage

Dive into the variety of bonds that unite the different countries and discover the numerous international delegations sharing their values and their projects for the 9th International Abilympics.

The "Skills discovery" tours

Friday, March 25th: 45 possible tours.
Saturday, March 26th: 15 possible tours.

These tours will allow you to visit the Abilympics, as well as the regional finals of the WorldSkills competition.

They last for 75 minutes, with a departure every 15 minutes.

See you on the Exhibition center site at gates 1 / 6 / 13 / 20 / 27.

Professional visitors may discuss the challenges of adapted and protected work

The 1st exhibition for adapted companies and ESATs

Organized by the CREAI AQUITAINE, in partnership with the UNEA and the RÉSEAU GESAT.

Located at the heart of the international competition, this exhibition will showcase talents in order for the 60.000 expected visitors (both private and professional) to assess the reality of the sector in France and measure its dynamism with the 1400 ESATs and 730 EAs employing 150.000 persons with disabilities on a national scale

The Excellence awards to highlight their talents in 4 fields
• Highly technical, innovating activities
• Development of team skills
• Sustainable development and responsible management
• Local partnerships for an improved territorial economic development

To participate and apply: 

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